Free Reading Comprehension Webinar for Parents!

(Lit)eracy 101 is a series of lessons geared towards parents and how to help their student in the midst of this virtual learning situation. This event is brought to you by the founder of The Innovative Learners, Gabriell Gaiter. Gabriell is a certified reading teacher and has been in the classroom for many years. She has a masters in education and education administration. On April 30th, she will discuss different tips parents can use to boost reading comprehension while getting their child to learn to love reading. This event is geared for students who are reading anywhere from a second to sixth grade level. Parents who sign up will also receive a free exclusive resource that will support reading comprehension. This webinar is jammed pack with gems that have been proven to work, make sure to sign up so you don't miss out!

About Us



 Rest easy, knowing that our tutors are veteran teachers. Our tutors have years of classroom experience working with a wide range of students with diverse learning methods. We specialize in tutoring students with ADD, ADHD, and many other individual learning styles. 


Culturally Relevant Lessons

It is essential that our students have engaging lessons. We know that if students cannot relate to the text, it's harder for them to engage with it. Therefore, our lessons focus on texts that highlight a diverse range of experiences, so all of our students feel represented in the books and passages they read.


Literacy Programs

Our Innovative Learner's love to read! We have developed specialized reading workshops that focus on developing students literacy skills such as vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. We accomplish this with intimate discussions facilitated by a trained reading teacher and writing activities that encourage students to connect with the text.

Our Mission

What is an Innovative Learner?

An Innovative Learner is a student who feels represented through diverse texts and teaching methods. We are here to challenge traditional methods of teaching because as educators, we know that all students don't fit into the same mold. We achieve this through innovative books that focus on issues children and teens struggle with every day. 

The Innovative Learner tutors all ages and all subjects. We specialize in increasing reading levels, academically preparing students for the next grade, and helping with homework. We tutor both online and in-person in one-on-one sessions.

If you want your child to receive an intimate, individualized, and innovative lesson, book your first session today so that they are ready for tomorrow.